In 2017, the Erasmus programme was one of the most salient examples of the progress, which had been achieved during the 60 years of European integration. It was also in this year that the E+SCN celebrated its 30th anniversary. Considering the turbulent times in which we live, what with the global financial crisis and the increased threat of extremist terrorism it is vital, now more than ever, that the essence European culture should stand for a strong and cohesive Union.

However Europe is now facing potentially the most urgent and immediate challenge since the Second World War: the refugee crisis. At a time when Europe is receiving an extraordinary number of refugees, supporting fellow EU states in tackling this situation is an urgent priority.. In November 2015, the [European] Education, Youth, Culture and Sports Councils reiterated that intercultural dialogue through culture and the arts plays an important role in order to integrate refugees into European society. Theatre, drama and language learning can bridge gaps and improve mutual understanding between the population of the host country and refugees.

Erasmus+ Scene Network (E+SCN) intends to merge one of Europe’s greatest successes regarding intercultural dialogue: the Erasmus Program and with one of Europe’s greatest current challenges, the refugee crisis. E+SCN is a European cultural project, which aims to deliver education through theatre. In turn, the project addresses to three different target groups: Erasmus students, local students and local refugees. It aims to make the most of their’ creativity and human potential promoting their integration and participation in the culture of their host city.

E+SCN is a project, which has evolved manifold since its creation. It represents a European network with the following features: it was born with the objective of turning itself into tool for dialogue and research specifically aimed at the creative and pedagogical possibilities offered by the relationship between student mobility and refugee crisis..

E+SCN’s main goal is to establish a meeting point for persons displaced for different reasons, to work together with a common aim: the creation of an exciting piece of theatre. In turn, this process will lead to the acquisition of linguistic, communicative, artistic and expressive competencies in the host city native language, to improve some aspects of the participants’ integration and employability.

E+SCN’s super-objective is the integration of several citizenships from different social, cultural and political backgrounds in society (refugees, migrants, Erasmus students…), through language learning and using theatre and drama practices as vehicle.

The current partnership is composed of four different partners institutions from three European countries: Fundació General de la Universitat de València (Spain, Project Coordinator), Philipps-Universität Marburg (Germany), Università degli Studi di Padova (Italy) and CRIT Theatre Company (Spain).

Mainly addressed to these three different groups; Erasmus+ Scene Network selected international and local students, and refugees and immigrants linked with to the NGOs collaborating in the project.